In Zombieswithguns.io you are a super smart zombie set loose on a island by your sick creators,you are armed with a gun and nothing else.You quick encounter other zombies in this Zombs Zombsroyale arena who are as smart as you and are armed with other krunker guns that also hurt,Due to these circumstances you go into survival mode killing the other zombies before they can kill you so you can moomoo.io eat their zombie brains

Zombieswithguns.io battle

How to play

First you must observe your enviroment and make sure no other Zombroyale zombies are around the place,once you observe that id then begin to carefully sneak around the island and kill the other zombies then eat their brains in the shadows,Now if you'r a non stealth player you can just hop into the zombies royales arena and just kill everything on sight.

Zombieswithguns.io Wars
Zombieswithguns.io lobby

Start this perfect advemtire

Hop in and rank up the leaderboards till you get to number one spot

Zombieswithguns.io result

You are ready? Good luck!

Try to survive long enough to colonize
Becareful at night and beware of the monsters that come out
If you want you can activate Full Screen mode.


About Zombieswithguns.io start

About game

Use shift key to sprint

Use the left click to shoot,Right click to aim

Another feature of the game is how nice its paced its not too fast and not too slow in the Zombieswithguns io zomberoyale zombie game