Nugget Royale the most popular chicken battle royale. You are a chicken and your job is to turn your opponents into chicken nuggets and survive for victory royale. And if you win you can say: winner winner chicken dinner. Hopefully you like chicken breast. Find your way to the global leaderboard and compare to other skilled players. When you win a game you get a crown. Wear it with pride! This io game is a lot fun and you will enjoy to improve while playing it. If you love fried chicken you also will love this game. It is one of the best rated io games you can play right now. Also one of the funniest browser games there ever was. The game convinces with a very polished appearance. It is completely in 3d and effects like lighting are well done. There are also high quality textures while the game runs smooth. a multiplayer game like fortnite,, buildroyale,

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move Press space to jump or hold it to attack Press space repeatedly to fly

Another feature of the game is the slow movement of characters on the battlefield. For fast movement, be sure to use acceleration.
Be careful to avoid the holes in the middle of the stage else you might fall off into the shreader

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