on is a free to play Battle Royale IO Game where you can collect rare weapons and equipment to become the ultimate surivor. In survivio you are stranded on an abandoned island with lots of secrets. Be the last player alive. Invite your friends and fight together for Victory Royale. The game is playable in solo, duo or squad mode. Blow up your opponents with shattering MIRV grenades or order a devastating airstrike. Find rare weapons like the AWP, the Vector or the PKP Pecheneg. Discover secret underground buildings like bunkers and science laboratories with zombies, but be careful to not get trapped by other players. The most exciting part of the game is when only a few people are left and the poisonous gas covers most of the map. Can you surviv the deadly finale? Winner winner chicken dinner! a multiplayer game like fortnite,, buildroyale

Use WASD move

Use the mouse to aim

use F to interact with items

Use mousewheel to use items in the slots

Use the R key to reload

Use left click to fire

Another feature of the game is how nice its paced its not too fast and not too slow in the last battle royale io game.

When you get to the point in the round where the doors just about to come up,Jump untop of it instead of going to a new door,you will get over it faster

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