Junon.io is a marvelous game inspired by the likes of Space station 13and Rim world When the playerws first enter the world they are placed on a international Spcae station in the middle of space,This Space station was built by earthlings some 2,500 years ago after the earth had to depart from its path along the milkyway galaxys gravitational pull.This new station has acted as a new homeworld for the few hundred million humans that managed to survive the disastorus destruction of planet earth. After thousands of years on the space station the supplys have finally started reach levels so low that the amount of people on the space station that are starving is increasing at an alarming rate,To combat this a group of elite explorers are choosen to go down to potential planets and explore them in the hopes of finding another homeworld that can support the massive amount of humans left on the space station and restart a proper agricultural system to produce the amount of food needed to support the starving members.So come explore and fight off the evil monsters that might be lurking in the shadows of these unkown planets and conquer endless resoruces

Junon Space station

How to play

Go into the round familiarize yourself with the Space station 13 then drop down into the Rimworld and try your best to survive using the items you get droped in your space pod,Once you have your spot settled you need to go find some fertile land to start up a small farm on cause you cant explore without having food,if you have 0 food then your hunger will start hurting you.The rest is up to you

Junon RimWorld
Junon.io lobby

Start this perfect advemtire

You do not have to wait long to start this fun. The game Junon.io is very cool, so many players want to explore and conquer planets in the new Junon Space station 13

Be the best out of the elite explorers, gather the best materials to help you defend yourself against the unkowns and have enough food to last another day in the new frontierws

Junon.io result

You are ready? Good luck!

Try to survive long enough to colonize
Becareful at night and beware of the monsters that come out
If you want you can activate Full Screen mode.


About game start

About game

Use WASD move

Use the mouse to aim

use E to interact with items

Use 1-6 keys to use items in the slots

Use left click to use the item you have in use

Another feature of the game is how nice its paced its not too fast and not too slow in the Space station 13 explatory game