is one of the biggest io games to launch since the original 3,, and takes the .io genre from being exclusive to easy to jump into 2d games and adds a 3rd dimention.It's a huge FPS battle royale 3rd person game where you face off against 5-14 other players in a match using one of the main available classes.Rank your way up by getting alot of kills so you get more Krunkies and spend them on the wheel Spin wheel of forutune to get a chance to unlock cool clothing and gun skins,Then take these upgraded cosmetics and hop into a match to show off that new skin clout to the default Guests

This game is truly the fortnite of Io games,It's taking the entire genre by storm and it's hear to stay since it's boasting Thousands of Krunker players thriving to increase their krunkies.When you're done with normal maps you have hundreds of custom maps and game modes to check out from Parkour to Humans vs Zombies battle royale customize krunker battle royale about game

About game

Use your W,A,S,D keys to move

Use your mouse to aim,left click to fire

Right click to aim and shift to crouch

Space to jump

How to play Use youe wasd keys to manuver around the map and use your mouse to Aim and shoot