In Lordz2.io you are a king who rules his kingdom and defends it from enemies. The game offers a variety of units and base building elements like knights, mages, dragons, trolls and much more. There are lots of upgrades for your soldiers and your base. Fight epic battles against other kings or plunder foreign villages while their soldiers are gone. Will you be ruler of the server?

Lordz2 Castle Conquer

How to play

First build a castle. Then get gold to build defensive buildings or grow your army. You need to build special buildings so you can hire more advanced soldiers and monsters. Don't go too far from your castle so you can defend it and don't let stronger enemies catch you in open field. You get gold by killing animals or collecting the coins on the ground. Also don't forget to spend it on upgrades. In the forge you can purchase upgrades for soldiers, archers and pikemen. Read the instructions of the units. Some of them work like rock paper scissors. Always keep an eye on the minimap so you notice before enemies attack.

Lordz2 Castle wars
Lordz2.io lobby

Start this perfect advemtire

Lordz2.io is the successor of the very popular game Lordz.io. It is similar to games like Zombs.io and Moomoo.io where you can build a base and defend against enemies. The game is a big improvement of Lordz. There is way more to do, the interface is very sophisticated and the game has a way better look. You also can build walls to turn your castle in a giant fortress. This game once again pushes the limit of IO Games and can easily keep up with titles like mope.io surviv.io starve.io

Lordz2.io result

You are ready? Good luck!

Try to survive long enough to colonize
Becareful at night and beware of the monsters that come out
If you want you can activate Full Screen mode.


About game start

About game

Use WASD move or the mouse to move

Use 1-6 keys to use items in the slots

Another feature of the game is how nice its paced its not too fast and not too slow in the Lordz2 io conquering game