Thelast Royale the most popular magic based battle royale. You are a adept wozard and your job is to use all of the knowlege you learned at wizard school to become on of the royale magic wizards by defeating all other wizards and getting the victory royale. When you win you can say: winner winner chicken dinner and get a royal magic wizard battle royale io robe. Find your way to the global leaderboard and compare to other skilled players. When you win a game you get a magical royale wizard robe. Wear it with pride! This io game is a lot fun and you will enjoy to improve while playing it. If you love games with alot of action packed magical abilitys you will enjoy this. It is one of the best rated io games you can play right now. The game convinces with a very polished appearance. It is completely in 2d and effects like lighting are well done. There are also high quality textures while the game runs smooth. a multiplayer game like fortnite,, buildroyale,
The last battle royale

How to play

Be the best out of 100 .io wizards. Navigate to the treasuchest as fast as possible to get the best possible loot in game(Hint:Golden chest give best loot).Once youre geared up its time to go into battle with the other magical io wizards.If you see someone with a flame staff avoid them cause flame damage stays for a while once you're hit,Make sure to get the items that are red they give the most benefits out of all the weapons.And remmber to become the best Magical royale wizard of this The last battle roylae io game

Last io battle
Thelast io lobby

Start this perfect battle

You do not have to wait long to start this fun. The game is very cool, so many players want to fight in the new Thelast Battle Royale.

Be the best out of 100 players, gather the best weapons and magic skills then get ready to battle the other magical wizards. But be careful other players will also have magical items and spells so stay strong and become the last surviver.

Thelast io result

You are ready? Good luck!

Try to be placed 1.
Remain the Last and Become a winner!
The match will begin very soon. If you want you can activate Full Screen mode.

About game start

About game

Use WASD move

Use the mouse to aim

use E to interact with items

Use 1-6 keys to use items in the slots

Use the R key to reload

Use left click to fire the item you have in use

Use space to activate one of the many types of spells you can obtain it is also used to jump off the back of the dragon bus in this battle royale game

Another feature of the game is how nice its paced its not too fast and not too slow in the last battle royale io game.